Cabernet Sauvignon


We have undertaken a considerable amount of experimentation with Cabernet Sauvignon, from vine breeding to vinification to ageing. If the vines mature and are correctly nurtured they continually deliver good quality. We partially use Cabernet Sauvignon as a partner for blending, but each year there is also a Cabernet Sauvignon from a single grape variety.

vintage  ABV  acidity  RS  download PDF
201713,0 %vol5,5 g/L1,0 g/Ldatasheet 2017
201313,5 %vol5,0 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2013
201213,4 %vol4,5 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2012
201113,5 %vol5,3 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2011

Prior vintages can be found in the support area.

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