Pannobile red


Pannobile red is the most important wine for our business. Pannobile Cuvée consists of local varieties. The composition changes each year. Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch are the base, St. Laurent adds to the cuvée with up to 20 percent, depending on the vintage. This wine excels in its balance of fruit, smell and taste. 

vintage  ABV  acidity  RS  download PDF
201613,5 %vol5,4 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2016
201513,1 %vol5,1 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2015
201413,0 %vol5,5 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2014
201313,0 %vol4,7 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2013
201213,0 %vol5,3 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2012
201113,2 %vol5,6 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2011
201013,2 %vol4,9 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2010
200913,4 %vol5,1 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2009

Prior vintages can be found in the support area.