Pinot Noir Schafleiten


Pinot Noir is one of the biggest challenges for a winegrower. Pinot is very demanding on soil, climate, fermentation and maturing. It is a vine variety with very thin skin, berries grow very compact and it is susceptible to rot. The wine’s colour is less deep than that of Zweigelt or Blaufränkisch, it is intense in fragrance and taste and captivates with fine tannins. Blauburgunder is one of the varieties that necessitates a considerable degree of skill and instinctive feeling on part of the winegrower and presupposes a certain degree of interest and passion on part of the wineamateur.

vintage  ABV  acidity  RS  download PDF
201513,0 %vol5,2 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2015
201313,0 %vol4,7 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2013
201213,5 %vol4,5 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2012
201113,4 %vol5,5 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2011
200912,5 %vol4,9 g/L1,1 g/Ldata sheet 2009

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