Zechun Heideboden


Zechun comes from Heideboden in its entirety. Zechun was within the borders of what is the area of cultivable land of Gols today a village which was destroyed during the Ottoman wars in Europe and never rebuilt. On the basis of old plans one can only hazard an educated guess as to where exactly the village was situated. We, however, believe that a significant part of our growing area is on the territory of the old village. That is why we called this wine “Zechun”.

The wine a cuvée, initial vintage was 2003 consists of the varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir. In the future, Cabernet Sauvignon will also be featured in some small part in the cuvée. Maturing and storage take place in 80% used and 20% new barrique barrels.

vintage  ABV  acidity  RS  download PDF
201713,0 %vol5,3 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2017
201613,0 %vol5,6 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2016
201513,3 %vol4,9 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2015
201413,0 %vol5,0 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2014
201213,8 %vol4,9 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2012
201113,3 %vol5,6 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2011
201013,6 %vol4,9 g/L1,0 g/Ldata sheet 2010

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