Sweet wine


Riesling for us is the most beautiful variety to make sweet wine from, which is why we have planted a clone of German Riesling. Riesling in Burgenland? A question that is bound to be accompanied by shaking heads. We planted Riesling because we think of it together with Welschriesling as one of the most interesting varieties of naturally sweet wine. Riesling’s acidity cushions the residual sugar which may far exceed 100 g/l for Prädikatswein, and leads to a vibrant interplay of sweetness and acidity. Also, the wine gains an elegant and agreeable appearance through its dominant aroma of peach. On the other hand, dry maturing of Riesling can lead to interesting results as well: Consumed as a young wine, with delicate acidity and somewhat lighter in alcohol, it is an ideal accompaniment for food in summer.