Our Vineyards

Our winegrowing area is divided into the three vineyard sites Parndorfer Platte, Wagram and Heideboden.

The plain above Wagram is called Parndorfer Platte. It is composed of a body of gravel with thickness of up to 10 metres and some loam. The soil is porous and can stock water well.Vineyard sites: Reitäcker, Holzacker, Herrschaftswald.

On the terrace of Wagram, the tertiary layer of sandy and clayey material below the gravel is exposed. The best vineyard sites for varieties that ripen late and need a considerable amount of sun can mostly be found on the southwestern border of the terrace. Those are Ungerberg, Salzberg, Schafleiten, Kurzberg, Goldberg, Altenberg, Spiegel and Gabarinza.


Heideboden is the plain below Wagram that reaches as far as the lake. Here, both black earth soil rich with aeolian silt deposits and lime as well as gravel soil poor in lime can be found.