Weingut Leitner has been property of the family for generations. From the beginning it was maintained as an agricultural business with mixed focus, like all other businesses in Gols.


Melitta and Matthias Leitner took over the enterprise, which, until 1990, was operated as a side business. The decisive reorientation towards quality and bottling of wines into a "Bouteille" started as soon as the early 80s. First national and international validation starting from the year 1985 showed that the focus on quality proved to be a successful strategy.


the next substantial turnaround took place when Matthias Leitner quit his job as a travelling salesman to focus exclusively on winegrowing. In those years the area cultivated grew to approximately 10.5 ha.


the first Syrah was harvested as one of the first in Austria. The favourite variety of Matthias Leitner would prove to be responsible for numerous national and international successes.


Gernot Leitner joined his parents' business fulltime and took over in 2011. The focus towards top quality was further strengthened and reorientation towards wines from a single grape variety was perpetuated. New wines like St. Laurent or Zweigelt from Altenberg entered the range.